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"This is Me!"


Well actually it's not, it's one of my best friends; but it could be me, you, anyone! Holly kindly agreed to pose for me and allow me to post it all over the internet....which I did, and it went viral! 


A few years ago, I saw a film that really struck a chord with me. It was called 'Embrace' and was about body image and the negativity surrounding it from ourselves. We are our own worst enemy when it comes to body image and body confidence yet the media do little to help.  Instead our self-loathing and negative self-image is only further cemented and ingrained.

It was emotional, funny, touching, shocking and totally enlightening.  I have a teenage son and a young daughter, and for the first time I realised that how I view my body will shape how my children feel about their own and potentially others.  As a parent you want to protect your children from suffering for or inflicting any hurt or pain, and it struck me that I was potentially setting them up for the exact opposite.  And I never want either of them to feel the way I do when I look in the mirror. If I don't learn to love myself, then how can I teach my children to do the same?

So, I decided to do something to counteract it; to help people, just like me, learn to like themselves that little bit more and see the beauty that everyone else does. And so the Body Confidence photo-shoot was born! There are lots of shoots on offer that claim to be in support of body confidence, self-confidence and esteem-boosting.  However, these all seem to involve using techniques to make your body look different to how it does in reality; air-brushing, skin tone adjustments, trimming...I don't want to further damage myself with an illusion of what I look like only to be faced with a totally different reality when I get home.  I want to create an image that shows you exactly as you are but in an elegant and beautiful way so that you can see the beauty, not only in the finished photograph, but also the next time you stand in front of a mirror. I want you to be able to say , 'that's all me, all natural, and I love it'.

I want to encourage people to appreciate all the things about us that make us unique, that make us who we are, even if we don't love them - yet. Whether it's stretch marks, scars, baby-weight, small-frame, wrinkles....whatever your imperfections, let's learn to love the skin we're in!

These sessions can be in any format that you are comfortable with; the difference being that post production I will not alter skin tone, blemishes or any natural part of the image. The only editing will be slight adjustments to lighting and colour-balance.  

The sessions are designed to capture your natural beauty, 'flaws' and all to promote self-confidence and a positive body image.


Find out more about the Embrace documentary and the Body Image Movement.

The Details:

30 minute session

Up to 3 underwear/outfit changes (T-shirt, nightdress etc.)

Private studio/Home setting; wherever you feel comfortable!

Consultation & Viewing Session

10 Digital Images

*Additional prints and other services are available


Open to all genders, ages, sizes, shapes and skin tones. We are all beautiful, let's start to feel it!

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